Hi, My name is Olga

Hello.  My name is Olga Gobunova.  I was born in Moscow and now live in Spain.

I studied at Moscow Textile University and later developed my illustration skills with a Masters in 2D animation at the International College 333.  I also completed a Masters in ‘Web Design for Graphic Artists’ at the Spanish Institute Gauss.

I worked for a time as a freelance graphic designer, when I worked on a diverse range of projects like web design, logos, illustration and animation, storyboards for films and videogames.

From 2010 to 2012, I worked for two large childrens clothes companies – Feelfree.ru (Russia) and Mayoral (Spain).  I was part of the design team who were responsible for creating patterns and prints for clothing.

Art is my passion.  Whether it’s handicrafts, sketching, silk painting or designing websites, I apply my love for art in everything I do.

I am sharing my portfolio with you so you can see the results of my creativity. If you have a freelance opportunity for me, if you see a painting you are interested in or are simply interested in my work and would like to ask for some professional advice, please use the attached form, or contact me on my social networking sites.